Coats And Art On the Streets of Fashion Week


We have to admit, as much as we try to revel in what’s on every runway during fashion week, what we mostly care about is Who Wore What on the streets. Street style has evolved through the years and the fashion week  circus in every major city is not taking anything to chance. More conventional is less acceptable. Flamboyance and extravagance seems to be the motto, with every detail, leaving room for more style possibilities. It’s fashion week in Milan at the moment and world favorite street photographer Tommy Ton takes all attention away from what’s actually happening on the runway. Since the weather has left little room for warmth in the sun in major fashion week cities, there’s more reason to not leave your coat at home. Not just any coat I might add, but coats that would have seemed too extreme a few years ago. Coats have become more colorful, frumpier, not as snug, but more artsy in every sense of the word. It definitely makes for not so boring fashion.

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    I love all those coats


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