Erykah Badu For Vogue Italia March Issue


Songstress and creative rebel Erykah Badu is making waves at the moment in fashion. Recently she was, or is the face of Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci. Now she’s in a spread for vogue Italia out this march and she’s wearing non other than Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci of course.



She doesn’t know how to read music off a sheet: she uses colors instead of notes. Because the neo-soul singer is just like that: free, anti-conformist and always in search of new ways to grow. An example? Apart from already being a fashion testimonial, she is about to become a obstetrician

“There are those who say I am not to be looked in the eyes, otherwise you end up hypnotized”. This is not a warning coming from the Disney snake Kaa, but from Erykah Badu, the American queen of neo-soul  music, as well as winner of numerous gold records and Grammy Awards.

Luckily for me, her words flow through a telephone wire that links us maintaining a safe distance between us.

For more than an hour she talks about music, fashion, family and cosmic vibrations. Three lustrums have passed by now since the singer, at the time Erica Wright, fired up the music world with her debut album. Since then, she has produced another six albums, founded a record label and set up a foundation to promote cultural activities in the poor areas of Dallas.

Recently, she was chosen as the face of Givenchy for the Spring/Summer 2014 season. For years, her must-have accessories were bands and colorful turbans. Now, instead, she often wears her hair down, and her style has evolved into a sort of afro streetwear that is well suited to Tisci’s new interpretations, such as the line of sneakers created in collaboration with Nike.

Her music blends blues, R&B, hip hop and jazz; furthermore, she has created a new genre, christened “neo-soul”.

By Nicola Scevola, excerpt from Vogue Italia, March 2014, n. 763, p.464

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  1. Ivie9ja says:

    I love her. I have heard her eyes are voodoo. I hear she had Andre 3000 hypnotized which is why he was a male replica of her for so many years. Lol


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