Maki Oh Fall 2014 Collection


We will never understand our obsession with something that is just that good. It’s so good it defies all myths of African designers and their excessive use of Ankara print fabrics. Do we dare to create something that’s original and breaks barriers on what’s acceptable in fashion and what’s not? Don’t be alarmed, we do love Ankara fabrics when used to create something out of the ordinary, but don’t expect a proverbial nod when the designs are far less creative than they should be. Thankfully, we don’t have to look too far for African designers who would give our well known brand names a run for their money. We just have to look not too far off from West Africa, and we will find Maki Oh is resting on the lapels of original creativity. The talented designer just released her fall 2014 collection and like the letters on some of her pieces it tells a cascading tale of evolving style when narrated beautifully. Maki Oh’s designer Amaka Osakwe is up for LVMH’s Young Fashion Designer prize, and her newest collection explains why. Inspired by love and a woman’s feverish need for romance and acceptance, the collection is one of her best yet.

According to Osakwe;

 “that vignette presents the question: Is this woman mad or not? And thus the collection toyed with themes of madness and un-madness, love and anti-love, and other states that fluctuate and are a matter of perception.”

The clothes aren’t complicated, and you absolutely can’t question the high waisted track pants, silk blouses, Aso-oke lettering applique’s, fringed pieces and prints.

Author: Ada Emihe

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  1. chidi says:

    This is everything and more that i’ve wanted from African designers. Yes!


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